via Daily Prompt: Finally

Finally, it is 2018.

Finally, midterm elections are this year-and it is my fervent belief that this nation will FINALLY hand over the biggest smack down since the Nixon Era.

Finally, I think I am feeling hope for my own future – as well as for ALL of us.

Finally……I am feeling much lacking and needed discipline (in spite of the present bitter cold on this New Year’s Day, even in the Coastal Georgia region!!)

Finally, I think I am most comfortable in not being overtly concerned about what negative people think of me – I finally understand that their negativity is frankly a reflection on them and not me, although there are those who have attempted to make it all about me….because I outwardly disagree with them, although the disagreements were never really about the relationship or them as people (at least not until THEY made it such…..). Therefore, I am no longer scalded by their negative thoughts and feelings about me….or my belief system. I feel that I FINALLY understand that the true and real friends will not discount each other and our worth based on the sad, wretched mindset of those who love to be miserable. I FINALLY understand that there are those who are blatantly not happy unless they are UNHAPPY…and can make YOU unhappy right along with them….and that they need to be shown the Exit.

Finally, I believe in myself as a potential agent of positive energy…..the Universe gives us all a talent, and I finally understand that it is up to us to exercise those talents, and it is up to us to utilize them for the betterment of all.

Finally, I believe I can let go of the idea of possibly not being loved back in the equal and exact way that I love….because I am just happy to have fun, happy, humorous, talented people in my life…..I do have one that I will never name out loud, but it is one who has encouraged me in ways that I have really not received before in my life. And I love that person for that; the individual most likely will never, ever know that they have lifted me up out of a certain quagmire: that I had no idea of certain talents. For that, I will forever love that person: they may have inadvertently done this, and may very well remain unaware that until they mentioned a thing or 2 to me, I truly thought of myself as a no-talent looser. Thank you, my Un-named Friend……..I wish I could call you out, but I am afraid of embarrassing you, so I won’t. Maybe later, hahaha!! Now, it is FINALLY up to me to develop and excel. I hope the Universe will smile on me in that area.

Finally, and lastly, for those who are still in contact with me, thank you for being my friend. We have all suffered from some form of rejection, and I am truly thankful for those who have chosen to remain in touch with me….you definitely add to my life. I hope to be able to thank each and everyone of you….Neil Young once sang, “One of these days, I’m going to sit down and write a long letter to friends I’ve known….”. I don’t know if he ever got around to it. I hope to FINALLY get around to each one of you before the hour glass runs out.


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