via Daily Prompt: Winsome

What is more winsome than a smile, giggle, laugh, or look from one that you care about? Even if you are not able to be with that person often, sometimes the smile from the last time you saw them can last – maybe even for a lifetime.

Often, circumstances prevent us from being with one that we have grown fond of….and often, that fondness is winsome unto itself. I wonder, and firmly believe, that there is a reason we are prevented from being with the object of our fondness or affection on a regular basis. I find it winsome that I am able to retain that fondness in spite of time, distance, and other obstacles. There was one that I held these feelings for, but we were not meant to be – merely due to our maturity levels and youthful perspective that did not allow for long term relations. We also had our lives to go live. I spent years mourning this. I wonder if I wasted too much time mourning it?

Looking back, I am happy for the bittersweet memory of the individual. Years after the fact, I stumbled on information about The One; he had in fact participated in fulfilling his own dreams, and I smiled. Discovering this tidbit was winsome unto itself – thankfully, I had become a mature enough adult to celebrate for and with him, even if he is unaware of my joy for his success. Winsome, indeed….I hope.


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