via Daily Prompt: Static

Really, I do not have much to say about static, except for the fact that this country has been living in a state of static, at least since June, 2015.

That may be a boring, lazy man’s way out of the Word Prompt of the Day, but it is where I and many others are today. And it is the KINDEST way I know how to equate the word with the mental and emotional maturity of our nation at large. The Electoral College has chosen the most inept, immature, bigot, misogynist, man child that I have ever seen in my life.

I feel like the radio frequency is not coming through. An awful haze has surrounded us all. I feel like I am in the story written by Stephen King, entitled “The Mist”. Not only has a mysterious fog surrounded us, containing killer creatures, but we are also turning on each other. Like the War Between The States, we are cannibalizing ourselves. While most of my friends have retained morals and ethics, our hands have been tied by this president and the thugs that support him; this nation has become morally bankrupt at the hands of Trump and those that feel like he ‘gives them a voice’. The static of amorality is in place, and right has become wrong, hate has been taken to a whole new frontier, and I fear for the well being of the young people in this nation, because they are the ones who will be suffering the most from the damage this static has caused.

And Trump’s Tribe see and feel absolutely nothing wrong with any of this.



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