via Daily Prompt: Shock

Shock sounds exactly like what it is. Like when ice water is thrown in your face, and you have a moment suspended in time where you are unsure of what just happened. Like when you receive the news that someone you love has passed away….you know what you just heard, and the moment passes quickly, but that moment is indeed suspended. Like when a diver is in mid air and dangles there for a moment.

You know what you are experiencing, yet, you are still in a certain state of disbelief: it is as if you need some sort of confirmation, yet you know the situation is indeed happening. Shock extends the moment into something more than just a moment. Something not only longer, but something that changes the very definition of us as a person; we are no longer the person we were just a moment before. This is the shock of a particular event. Like 9/11. Like loosing a dear one. Like Donald Trump becoming President of the United States. And none of it is good.

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