Daily Prompt: Restart

Corner of Bull and Taylor - Savannah (3)via Daily Prompt: Restart


Pollen….Flowers….March 1….the winds in Savannah are blowing wild. Indeed, the March of the Lion has restarted.

This winter has been a particularly harsh one. Many of us have felt especially discontent – maybe not everyone I know, but certainly many. I am so pleased spring is here: time to restart, recharge and recoil from the discontent that has belonged to so many of us.

Many friends have birthdays this Spring, starting with March: birthdays, to me, allow us to restart – not in the way of the empty resolutions of the New Year – but in the way that each of us choose to do on a much more personal, realistic basis, that comes with having a new birthday. Mine is not until May, but that is coming along soon enough. Even if yours is not in the Spring, you understand your own chance to restart with a new year added to your own life.

I am not quite as concerned about getting into my fifties, the way I used to be prior to reaching this decade of my life. I am older, and yes, SOMEWHAT wiser – although I’m positive some of my friends and family¬† may argue the ‘wiser’ part. (Yes, I AM wiser – really, I am….if you compare me now to me 30 years ago, you’d hopefully agree…). With my acquired wisdom, I realize I have a way to go to truly be called ‘wise’; but I have enough wisdom to celebrate this new month, this new Springtime, and be glad for the new opportunity to restart. And to see what I can do to remain young, at least in spirit.

One thing I have decided to do, to continue to restart, is to buy a kite and maybe fly it right in front of the house………or take it to the beach. Or both. I would MAKE one, but I do have just enough hand-eye coordination issues that I really prefer to just go buy one. I invite all my friends and readers to do the same…………buy or make a kite – whichever suits you best. Go fly the kite. Fly it where there are kids, so that they can partake. Fly it with them. Let them fly it, too. If they don’t know, teach them. It will allow US to be kids again, too. What better way is there to restart ourselves?

These are just my thoughts on restarting, this new March. The winds are here, and it’s not cold, at least not in my neck of the woods…..if it is where you are, come South. We’d love to have you!! And restart. Oh, and bring your kites!! The Lion has restarted here in Savannah, and it’s wonderful!!

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