via Daily Prompt: Above


Standing at W. River Street in Savannah, Georgia, above me is the Talmadge Bridge. The structure is wonderful to cross over. At the apex,  one can view the Savannah River below.

When I travel across the Talmadge Bridge, I love being above the river – as it allows me a view that none of us sees, except for that brief moment that we pass over. The  view, while brief, feels like the view of the sea gulls.

Being above the river lasts so briefly – it reminds me of the passage of my younger years. The incline appears to take longer, but once I am at the top of the bridge, then descend on the other side, the ride increases in speed, and I see the bottom coming at me quickly…..and then, it’s over.

Not only is this comparable to our youth, and the quick decline into oblivion, but is also true in many relationships. There are those I’ve admired, loved, and respected……even considered to be ‘above’ me. I feel that sometimes I am the puppy dog that craves their attention. Eventually, the nature of the relationship becomes abundantly clear: they ARE ‘above’ me……not only in my own mind, but it becomes painfully clear to me that they feel they are above me, as well. Whether it be life, or some relationships, sometimes we have to learn to let go. As much joy and laughter as I’ve had in my youth, my life, and my friendships, sometimes they all wind down, almost simultaneously.

I appreciate each and every person I’ve known……….they’ve added much to my life…….and even if our relationship does not last until the end, I still hold many well above me……….never below me. Highest regard is not given away easily, but when I have it, I will always consider the person(s)…….above me. Even if that is not returned.

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