Daily Prompt: Glimmer

Bryan Neck Baptist Church Rickmond HIll (18)via Daily Prompt: Glimmer

Glimmer, as a noun or a verb, refers to a faint light. One can shine faintly with a wavering light, or one can be a fain, wavering light. Even if it is faint and wavering, at least it’s a light….Hopefully, no rain will douse that light.

Sometimes, we ARE a faint or wavering light, but as faint as it may be, and as much as we may waver, as long as there is a light, we can become less faint and more steady. We can come back brighter and better, like when a wind blows and stirs the embers of a fire back to life.

Having been a sufferer of mild depression, and having wavered often myself, gratitude remains when I feel myself and my flame coming back in full force. What has been helpful to me in recent days has been friends who have cared enough to allow me to vent, with no outward negative judgment on me. It has always been very, very helpful to me when I am not told to ‘just get over it’. When friends bring me good will and humor, I find I am able to not only retain the glimmer, but to come roaring back with that same good will and humor; it allows me to laugh and shake the negative, and burst into flames of positive. I owe many a big Thank You. And I hope to return the favor………

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